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Due to unprecedented demand, the World Famous MACBUSTER is now out of stock.  Watch this site for availability.  The sad news is that it looks like prices will have to increase.

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"SO ONO" ... So good to eat ... Naturally healthful ... Nutritious ... Satisfying


100% NATURAL  A Refreshing Green Health Drink!

Mulberry leaf and green tea supplement Royal Green SilkROYAL GREEN SILK

Questions and Answers:


 Q. What if I am taking medication?

A. Do not stop taking your prescription drugs. Include Royal Green Silk in your daily regimen.

Q. Do I get value from Royal Green Silk even if I’m healthy?

A. Yes. The truth is that today, most people don’t eat the required amount of vegetables. And today’s vegetables, are often depleted of nutrients due to the poor soil they’re grown in. Royal Green Silk, utilizing only organically grown greens, offer a solid spectrum of green nutrients that fill the vegetable void in your body. The more vegetables you eat, the better off you are, because vegetables supply vital nutrients to your entire body.

Q. How much Royal Green Silk should I take?

A. For regular use, we recommend 1 – 2 teaspoons a day mixed with a cold non-carbonated beverage.  You may up the intake to 3 – 5 teaspoons a day. Preferably drink first thing in the morning. Note: due to the natural enzyme content, do not mix with hot liquids; it will neutralize the enzymes.

Q. Royal Green Silk's effects?

A.  Tests conducted on Royal Green Silk reveal no toxicity.  Royal Green Silk is 100% natural and whole-food derived.  This product is for children and seniors, too. This is an ideal product particularly for those who lack sufficient daily vegetable intake. Start your children on a great supplement, and assist adults and the elderly with their daily green needs!



  • ROYAL GREEN SILK is available:

    • In person from consultants and distributors.

    • From this convenient, secure web site:  5.3 oz (150g) Bottle

*Magnus™ Royal Green Silk is a dietary supplement. Statements made on these pages have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For medical advice always consult your health care professional.