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Due to unprecedented demand, the World Famous MACBUSTER is now out of stock.  Watch this site for availability.  The sad news is that it looks like prices will have to increase.

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"SO ONO" ... So good to eat ... Naturally healthful ... Nutritious ... Satisfying


The Magnificent Food Supplement

From Japan

ROYAL GREEN SILK contains botanical ingredients traditionally known to be beneficial.

Mulberry leaf and green tea supplement Royal Green SilkWhat is ROYAL GREEN SILK? (Click to see)

  • First mulberry leaf supplement in America.

  • ROYAL GREEN SILK is a delicious drink mix containing:

    • Mulberry leaf.

    • Green tea extract.

    • Young barley plant.

    • Young bamboo leaves.

    • Brown rice.

    • Japanese angelica.

    • Bifidus.

What would you say to a leaf with over 1000 years of safe use? You’d probably say "yes," which is what people throughout Japan and Asia are saying to mulberry (Morus alba) leaves, a maple looking leaf from the mulberry tree. In nature, mulberry leaf is the silkworm’s exclusive food, but in Japan and other parts of Asia, people are using it to take advantage of its natural goodness.

~ Folk Medicine ~

For centuries, mulberry leaves have been used in kampo (traditional Japanese medicine) and traditional Chinese medicine.

Nutritionally, mulberry leaves are mineral-, vitamin-and amino acid gold mines, with ample presence of antioxidants and bioflavonoids such as glutathione, lutein, quercetin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid. These leaves are also a very rich source of dietary fiber, chlorophyll, phytosterols and protein.


Mulberry leaf is now available in a tasty powder form Magnus Enterprises. It comes in Royal Green Silk, mixed with six other whole food ingredients. To learn more about Royal Green Silk and mulberry leaf, turn the page (click)…

  • ROYAL GREEN SILK is available

    • From this convenient, secure web site:  5.3 oz (150g) Bottle