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Due to unprecedented demand, the World Famous MACBUSTER is now out of stock.  Watch this site for availability.  The sad news is that it looks like prices will have to increase.

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"SO ONO" ... So good to eat ... Naturally healthful ... Nutritious ... Satisfying


MACADAMIA NUTS in the shell ... Save 40% to 85% over store bought Macadamias!

Hand harvested and selected, sun roasted ripened nuts, just for you from special spots in paradise.

Note: 1 LB (16oz.) of Macadamia Nuts in the shell yield about 10 oz. of nut meat when shelled. A recent price check  for 3.5 oz. of Mauna Loa shelled Macadamia Nuts was $7.50 that's $2.00 per ounce! As you can see, buying our nuts in the shell and shelling them yourselves with our MACBUSTER® Nutcracker can save you REAL money!

Note:  Due to increased shipping costs and transportation expenses, a 7.5% surcharge will be applied to each order.


MACBUSTER® Nutcracker

Our specially designed, award winning hand held nutcracker! Although crafted for the Macadamia nut, it makes perfect shelling a "snap", allowing you to crack the outer shell without harming the inner nut, it also works great on Black English Walnuts as well as any other challenge including the odd shaped, elusive, Brazil nut. Reviewed by Sunset Magazine and highly acclaimed by thousands of users worldwide.

$29.95 $4.90

Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers

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Royal Green Silk mulberry greentea bamboo barley vitamin mineral fibre fiber supplement


Nutritional Drink Mix

  • 5.3 oz (150g) Bottle



Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers



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Macadamia Nuts

in the shell

One to 68 pound packages.

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Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers    


Includes #101 MACBUSTER Nutcracker, 2lbs Macadamia Nuts (in the shell), plus Papa Bono's autographed Macadamia Cookbook. A $48.00 value.

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Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers  




Includes #101 MACBUSTER Nutcracker, 5lbs Macadamia Nuts (in the shell), Papa Bono's autographed Macadamia Cookbook, plus 2 Macadamia Nut Leis. A $71.00 value.

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Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers



Macadamia Lei

Mac-lei. An old Hawaiian creation made up of whole Macadamia Nuts, with much Aloha!!!!!

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Macadamia nuts and nutcrackers  


BONO MACS of Hawaii




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